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The Disclaimer stuff: I'm not a health professional, the information on here is just that. It's not advice. It's what I've learned and that I found helpful in my own health journey. I've tried to use trusted, peer reviewed, sources. But please remember, things change, new findings occur. I've not made this site for me, or anyone, to be dragged down some Interweb alternative facts reality. Thanks

What's on the site

Bearly Healthy is intended to be an informal online learning platform providing positive body-affirming health information for the bear community. Each of us should feel empowered to control our own health and well-being. Here is how we hope to provide the information you need and explore current and emerging health needs within our community


Metabolic health 101

Knowing how and why your body works is the first step in understanding how best to work with it to optimise your health


Information Blog

The blog dives into crucial aspects of health: Mental Health, Metabolic Health, and Men's Health issues.


Online community 

The forum aims to provide a platform to address current and emerging issues and find better ways to support men in our community.


Interest Groups

The website can host special interest groups

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Hi, I'm Gerard.

 I want to empower bigger men to manage their own health, in their own way.

Health messaging often seems to shame bigger people, and health information can be confusing and contradictory.

The food industry's marketing tactics add to the problem.

As a community, we've dealt with fat-shaming by creating our own bear community spaces.

Being bigger can lead to health issues, but we can be healthy and happy with our bodies.

Let's explore our health issues realistically, and positively and be body-affirming as we do it. Let's empower bigger men to prioritize our health in a way that works for us.


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You'll be able to get involved in the online forum, sharing your views and perspectives.

Suggest topics for blogs or maybe even become one of our blog authors.

You'll also get updates on new blogs and a quarterly newsletter.

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The blog is how we'll try and cover the myriad of topics, research, resources and occasionally opinions that may better inform us on current and emerging issues related to the health and wellbeing of our community and its members.

Online Community

The forum aims to provide a platform to address current and emerging issues and find better ways to support men in our community. You'll need to be a site member to use the forum or belong to special interest groups


Interest Groups

Video resources