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Hi I'm Gerard and I'm bearly healthy*

Why Bearly Healthy?

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I want to help other guys like me, who have struggled with their weight and health, to find a way to achieve better health and happiness in a body they can love.

I made this website to share what I've learned on my journey from being a type 2 diabetic of over 15 years to having normalised blood sugar levels, better weight management, better blood pressure and better overall health. For the first time in decades I no longer count calories!

I was lucky enough to have been recruited into a pilot, type 2 diabetes, training programme being developed by The Public Health Collaboration (PHC) and that's how I learned what I needed to do to radically improve my health.

The PHC built their course around new and emerging research covering all of the factors associated with how, and why, guys like me develop type 2 diabetes.

What they taught me, on their NHS approved course, turned a lot of what I've been taught over the years about diet, nutrition, weight loss mechanisms on its head and it changed my life!

I realised that many guys won't have access to that course so I decided to build a website and develop free online courses to share what I have learned along my particular journey.

I'm part of the Eat Well Get Well CIC. An organisation which delivers NHS approved training around Type 2 diabetes and the low carb, real food lifestyle. I'm also now an ambassador for the Public Health Collaboration

* I'm a gay man and part of the gay bear community (bigger hairy men sub culture). So I'm a bear and now I'm healthy. 

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I'm creating free online courses

These 3 courses are structured to take you through everything I learned to get me back to being healthy.

  • How to normalise your blood sugar.

  • How to adapt the low carb real food approach so that it works for you.

  • How to improve motivation and create healthy habits 

Coming soon

I'm creating short videos

These videos will range from instructional to skills development

related to becoming BEARLY HEALTHY

The Bearly Healthy Blog

The blog will cover the latest research on the course related topics, discuss strategies on maintaining a happy and healthy life and random musings along the way

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